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Khalid baker

Author Post
da boss
Fri Jan 19 2007, 03:35AM Quote
Registered Member #3296
Joined Sun Nov 13 2005, 07:37AM
posts 9
Dam....This is all news to me,a year later..yes Khalid was a very intertaining fighter,and could realy box.its a real shame this has happened..good luck Khalid\

Wax on Wax off
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Thu Nov 08 2007, 12:17PM Quote
Registered Member #4619
Joined: Thu Nov 08 2007, 11:59AM
Location: PERTH
posts 3
Khalid Baker is a murderer!

He took a life and should get life in prison. He took the life of Albert Snowball my best mate and you scumbags defend him. His "talents" killed a person and he will probably will get away with it. Think of the family and friends of the innocent man he killed. You don't accidently attack someone and push them through a window. Where do you draw a line at recreation and just being a bully.
Khalid was on bail for another violent attack at the time of this one. This guy is a risk to the public, could be your brother or mate next.


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Thu Oct 02 2008, 04:40AM Quote
Registered Member #4990
Joined: Thu Oct 02 2008, 04:21AM
posts 1
The animal was sentenced to 17 years.

Pricks like this who use their profession to fight and kill some one in public, need time in prison to reflect on how to use their skill properly... and ONLY in the ring.

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Sun Jan 29 2012, 10:29AM Quote
Registered Member #5894
Joined: Sun Jan 29 2012, 10:15AM
posts 2
Khalid Baker is an amazing inspirational person- despite suffering years of punishment for a freak accident that was not his fault- he remains focused, positive and forgiving.
He looks for the good in everything. He does not harbour hate (as the above peoples comments do), even though he has more reason to hate than any of you passing judgement on him.
He is still an amazing boxer and will always be.
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Fri Feb 28 2014, 02:25AM Quote
Registered Member #17640
Joined: Sat Jun 22 2013, 06:24AM
posts 17
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